I see a terrific future for our Cicero, but only when our town works toward that future, staying actively involved and working together. My experience and education give me the skills and insight for this. I bring:

  • 20 years’ experience & substantial knowledge in real estate & real estate development, especially serving individuals & individual investors.
  • A science education and experience in high-tech employment that will be helpful in understanding Micron & its spin-off companies, and the needs and wants of their forthcoming employees and their families.
  • An analytical mindset and willingness to ask the questions no one else is asking, and to provide a thorough check to make sure the Town’s actions make the most sense.
  • Approachability & accessibility: Whatever your political persuasion, I would enjoy speaking with you. You can write to me here or, if you prefer, you can text me on my cell at 315-870-0668, and we can arrange a phone or in-person chat.
  • Eagerness to help Cicero residents express their concerns to the Town. Everyone should have a voice in Cicero’s Tomorrow.


Finally, I think I’m generally open and accessible and a reasonable candidate anyway. I think I have a great sense of humor that I got from my overseas experiences (but maybe that’s debatable). I give out my personal cell number. At the same time, I politely ask tough questions. In particular, I can help the residents of Cicero refine what they’re trying to say to the Town, so it fits a cohesive direction.