My campaign has two goals: 1) encouraging community involvement and, 2) building a plan for Cicero’s future with Micron. The following paragraphs expand on each.

INVOLVEMENT: My campaign encourages every Cicero resident to get involved, no matter if they’re Democrat, Republican, Independent, or anything else. The voice of every Cicero resident should matter in local politics. During this campaign, I will post information on this website that is important to Cicero residents. The biggest issues are Micron and its implications, but no concern should be overlooked. We hope you will find this information useful and helpful in understanding the current & future issues in our community.

Further, I am seeking your questions and concerns and will post those concerns and my response on this website, as I want voters fully aware of my stance and direction. Updates to my website will be posted regularly on my Facebook page.

Cicero has often been regarded as a Republican town. And that’s the case. Currently, all Town Board and several Planning Board members are Republican. And just seeing that Cicero’s Town Board is 100% Republican can deter Democrats & Independents from feeling invited to participate in Town government, or even to express their concerns. This can be changed. But that requires your help. I have nothing against our Town Board or Planning Board members, but there is strength in diversity. Get involved, share your thoughts, tell your neighbors, and write to me as you wish. We, together, will build a more diverse town government. To do that, I respectfully ask for your input now and your vote this November. Thank you.

MICRON: As I discover new information, I will share it with my perspective. Consider, that our town has 31,435 residents as of 2020. The influx of Micron and other new businesses is going to push those numbers up, WAY up. An August 24 article in the Post-Standard mentioned that Micron plans to hire up to 9,000 employees and create up to 40,000 supply-chain and construction jobs. That’s almost 50,000 workers and doesn’t include family members. We may easily be seeing more than 150,000 new residents in the general area, and Cicero is one of the closest to the Micron establishment. The county has also been purchasing land for years in anticipation of new businesses. That is a strong signal of coming change. Cicero needs a plan on how to absorb this influx, and I want to be a part of that plan. I follow this daily and will keep you informed as best I can on the implications for Cicero with my preferred actions.

And YOUR views are welcome. You may disagree or agree, or have concerns to voice. As I mention here and elsewhere on this site, I welcome your views, either by writing to me here or by calling/texting me at 315-870-0668. Don’t hold back. We can work together. I want you to feel that your voice is heard, not just during this campaign, but after I am elected—with your help. I will appreciate your vote in November.