Concerned about Micron?
Jay Riordan

As a Town Councilor, I will use my expertise to prepare Cicero for Micron and listen to everyone’s input. I seek your vote on November 7th.

My goals are in the open; I encourage you to read them on my Goals page. As my campaign proceeds, I will periodically post articles here about my observations and ideas. You can read them on my Articles page, especially my review of the Micron issue and my Micron Guy Action Plan. You can subscribe from this page to receive future articles directly to your email account.

The changes that are coming? They all can be good, but their impact on Cicero needs to be managed to best assimilate them into our world. The most noticeable change at the outset will be Micron, as mentioned in my Goals page, but there will be more. These are changes of national significance, and it is happening right on Cicero’s doorstep. I aim to provide the experience and guidance that will be essential as Cicero undergoes these exciting changes. You can review my qualifications on the Why Me page. Questions? Concerns? Write to me or call/text me at 315-870-0668, and I will personally respond. I am committed to serving the Town of Cicero during these changes, and I hope you will vote for me in November. Thank you.